About us

Saporiti is privately held, and has been building machine tools since 1946. In the early years, the company focused on horizontal and vertical lathes, as well as milling machines. In the 1970’s, driven by their customer’s request for specialized equipment, Saporiti started to build machine tools to meet specific product demands. Today, they are a world leader in three main markets –processing of balls/seats for the valve industry, long shaft milling and whirling, and fixed-part deep hole drilling of large parts such as injection molding machines.

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Services & Capabilities

Ball valve grinding

Ball valve grinding machines series SAPORITI PV suitable for the precise grinding of ball of valves in steel or coated by satellite, ceramics CBN or others materials. These machines come in different sizes to work a really complete valve range: from 1” to 64”.

Screw manufacturing

We are world leader in the manufacturing of:
Thread milling and whirling machines for screw manufacturing which we manufacturing since 1970 in mechanical versions and from 1985 with CNC.

Drilling-Boring-Honing machines

The SAPORITI deep hole Drilling-Boring-Honing machines have features to allow the precision manufacturing of barrels and twin-screws barrels.
The solid bed, the precision roller guideways used on the axis and the big system for coolant and chips.


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