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Sala is a privately-held company, owned and operated by Gianfranco Sala–the son of the company founder. Sala is based in the Brescia region of Italy, and has been in business for over fifty years. In keeping with his father’s beliefs, Mr. Sala is driven to provide the ultimate in precision turning machinery, a passion that resonates throughout our entire organization. Their ball and gas taper turning equipment is the industry standard in their fields, and their groundbreaking Linea machine is a unique combination of accuracy, speed, and flexibility for a wide variety of products.



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Services & Capabilities

Taper turning/boring

Sala’s machines for turning the taper plugs for gas valves are an engineering feat in the field of precision turning, as they actually generate the taper with two axes using linear motors and optical encoders. Tests have shown that this machine can hold even better capabilities than angle-feeding.

Ball processing

Sala’s approach for producing ball valve balls are specialized machines that complete the ball, ready for plating, from a blank. What Sala can achieve on surface finish previous was done by turning, burnishing, and polishing.

Linea production turning

The Spin-up (inverted 2/4 spindle) and Linea (opposed 2/4 spindle) machines are the standard products of Sala, meaning they’re designed, with minimum changes, to produce a variety of parts. These machines provide parts with a short cycle time, while maintaining the inherent accuracies of the Sala product lines.


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