High output precision turning machine tools with world-class accuracy and speed with unparalleled changeover capabilities. Specializes in ball and taper plug turning.
Off axis live spindle machining. Automatic load and unload. Machining from pre-cut bar, forgings, castings, etc.
Accuracies to better than one micron.

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Builder of closed die forging machinery in a number of actuations and configurations to serve a wide variety of markets, processes, and materials. Programmable hydraulic, mechanical, and screw press lines available. Near net shape flashless forgings with internal coring.
Quick change pallet systems.
Fully automated process lines.

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Industry-leading builder of specialized machinery serving specific markets. Grinding of balls in all materials and coatings, from one inch to ten feet in diameter. Multi-axis seat grinders for balls. Deep hole drilling/reaming/honing with a self-contained high pressure coolant –to over 30’. Shaft milling, whirling, and polishing machinery.

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Porta Solutions North America

Looking for Porta North America and their line of Porta high output machining centers and purpose-built machines?